Is shelter in place making you feel uneasy?

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Hello friends,

Are you annoyed with everyone telling you to stay at home?

With everyone posting to stay at home these days, I decided to share some fun ideas to make this much easier. ❤️🏠

Here are some ways you can make staying at home during this shelter in place much easier.

The Feng Shui in your home is happening all around you whether you know it or not!

Some rooms feel inviting and some rooms may make you feel uneasy. If your home makes you just want to run away then let’s see why!

Let’s go room by room in your home to become aware of why.

Colors colors colors!

Did you know that colors actually affect your mood? Depending on your personality you may feel more comfortable surrounded by light airy colors which provide you room emotionally to breathe.

Or you may prefer darker warmer colors to feel protected and sheltered.

There is no right or wrong and finding out what will make you feel more at ease will be very important in the next several weeks.

If you prefer lighter airy colors and find that your main living area is somewhat dark, cluttered and closed off, this can be a problem for you to feel happy and at ease.

Some fast and easy ways to fix this are to declutter your space and switch out items like dark area rugs for lighter ones. Add light colored throw pillows and blankets to your couches, light colored wall art that reminds you of something you love. Painting would be the best way but the other mentioned ideas are much faster in the meantime until you do get to paint.

And on the flip side if your main living space is too light and empty, but you prefer a smaller cozier warmer feel, this will also make you feel uneasy.

To fix this would be to add or switch out the same items but using warmer darker colors all around you as accent pieces. Also, add more furniture side tables or bring in items to surround you more.

Again, the best way to do this of course is to paint the warmer colors but for now we want quick fixes that do not require this much of a messy project.

Another idea most people are not aware of in their homes is that what you see around you creates reminder in your mind. These reminders repeat and when you have thoughts that keep repeating, your reality feeds off of those thoughts.

Why not take advantage of this by placing items which remind you of what you LOVE and what you want to show up in your reality!

Place items which symbolize the wonderful life-goals you wish to achieve. Or items that remind you of what you’re thankful for!

For example, if your health is something on your mind, display a photo of yourself when you were more vibrant and fit, then add something which symbolizes life growth near this photo such as a bamboo shoot in water. Every-time you see this it will serve as a reminder to love and care for yourself and take only actions which will make this vibrant fit health actually happen.

If you are thankful for your family add photos which remind you of amazing fond happy memories.

The best way to transform your home into an environment that makes you want to occupy is to write down a list.

A list made up of things you want in your life or that you truly appreciate, then open up your creative mind to add items to symbolize these things tastefully around your house.

This is so much fun and will instantly transform the energy of your entire home.

The best part of this process is the idea of balance. When you walk into a room, and there is are wood floors, wood furniture, wood wall art frames and dark colors, the room will seem heavy and unbalanced. Too much of one single element will create bad Feng shui.

Metal, Fire, water, earth, and wood are the 5 elements you can incorporate into your living spaces.

Here is a very cool link to an HGTV article to explain this in greater depth.

Go room by room adding items such as plants, strategic patterns and colors, (patterns also symbolize elements) which are not in that room to create more of a balance.

If your space needs the element of water, a light blue wavy patten on curtains can create this element in your space.

Also, the flow of a room is very important so an easy thing you can do right away is to rearrange furniture!

Hoping to have someone in your house ask you what on earth you are doing today 😂 so you can say, Joanna Renner said we have to fix our Feng Shui!” Lol!

If your coffee table is totally blocking the path of a room and someone can not easily walk through a room, this will create a stagnant energy feeling. Be sure that your positioning of furniture does not prevent you from easily walking through all of your rooms easily.

If you want to discuss specific ideas or have more questions, feel free to message me or give me a call.

Hope these ideas make your shelter in place much more enjoyable.


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